Greepers Ltd

Job done!

Job done! First (and only) half Ironman distance triathlon – for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Greepers Ltd was founded in December 2007 with the sole aim of developing and commercialising the unique GREEPER® fastening system. GREEPER®, a patented device, can be applied to any situation where the two ends of a cord are tied together and replaces the traditional ‘bow’ knot typically used for shoe laces etc.

Greepers Ltd was founded by the inventor of the GREEPER® Peter Greedy. From its initial conception to the current commercially available product – GREEPER® Laces – Peter has been solely responsible (albeit with a lot of input from family, friends and most importantly customers!) for design, development, manufacture and commercialisation.

Peter is a qualified Optometrist and former Corporate Executive. He lives in Cheltenham with his wife Jessica (their three children having all left home now). Back in 2001 Peter had a genuine Eureka moment when driving along the M40 on his way to a business meeting in Birmingham. Frustrated like a lot of parents about the constant state of his young children’s laces – regularly undone, frayed and generally tatty – and not particularly enamoured with some of the “non-lace” options (Velcro and elastic laces), Peter was convinced that there must be a better alternative for lace up footwear  – and all of a sudden there it was!

Meeting stars

Peter with Greeper ambassadors and Xterra super couple Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack

On returning home Peter ensconced himself in his shed and constructed the first GREEPER® – and it worked! By threading the laces through a single central aperture and putting 4 stoppers in strategic places, the GREEPER® mimicked the appearance of a regular “bow” type shoe lace knot and enabled the wearer of the shoes (or the parent) to easily loosen and tighten the shoe laces. Furthermore the “bow” would never come undone.

Having showed this first working model to some friends Peter was encouraged to get the idea/device patented and in 2006 the patent was granted. Peter left corporate life in January 2008 to make this unique, simple device available to everyone who has shoes with laces. Peter’s vision is that the GREEPER® becomes the footwear industry standard shoe lace system and he is actively working with numerous parties within the footwear industry.

Peter welcomes comments and input from customers and can be contacted directly at