“Laces have arrived and are in use. I have put one pair in my son’s boots which we were forever tying throughout the day. Now it is a joy – he can ‘tie’ them in the morning and they stay tied until he wants to take them off. He thinks they are brilliant and won’t let anyone else do them up for him (he is 4 years old). All in all an excellent product – thank you.”

“My son absolutely loves the black pair (of GREEPER® Laces) we bought him a few months ago. He is now really looking forward to having white laces for his new pair of trainers.”

“Thanks for prompt reply, I used my first pair tonight which I bought at the triathlon show and put them in new shoes bought today. They are so much better than elastic laces used in triathlon, your feet are so much more stable. I am a definite convert.”

“Thanks for the prompt delivery. My 9 year old son (who has Asperger’s) was delighted! We have had the ongoing problem of do we double knot? – in which case he can’t get them undone, or just tie? and then they keep coming undone – since his feet grew too big for Velcro shoes this school year. We fitted the Greeper laces and he wore them to school for the first time today – I received a phone call from the teacher by 9.15 am asking where I got them from as she thinks loads of the kids at the school (both with and without ASD) will love them and she also wants some for her own son. I’m sending in a copy of the Ad I got your details from in the NAS magazine and hope that you get lots of orders! This really is a fantastic idea – thank you.”

“Hi Peter, Your clever laces were received the day after despatch. My aspie son is at grammar school but can’t tie laces. There is Velcro for every type of footwear but rugby boots, so for 12 weeks he has been trying to play rugby with boots with untied laces. This week he was warned that if he didn’t try hard at rugby he would have an after school detention. When he was late home I thought that he had been given that detention despite his disability, but no, he had scored 4 tries! Thank you and I will be recommending your laces to other mums of kids with ASDs. Good luck with this invention, and may you develop many more.”

“I have two teen sons with special needs and these were recommended to me by our occupational therapist. They are truly wonderful and trendy too!!! Please could you include some business cards to pass around our support group and school?”

“Congratulations on an excellent product, these laces really do work in T2. On the run they feel like proper laces but fastened in a fraction of the time. I have tried the elastic laces but hated the feel of them. Great Job Peter”

“Thank you very much; these laces are absolutely invaluable, especially as my son, who has autism, gets older and his feet get bigger! They mean we can choose any shoes he likes and be confident that he can manage them.”