Greepers in New Partnership with Team Passion Fit!

Greepers Team up With Passion Fit!

Greepers with Team Passion Fit

Team Passion Fit with Peter at the launch meeting

Owner and Inventor of Greepers, Peter, is delighted to announce a new partnership between Greepers and Team Passion Fit! Both Cheltenham based, this local partnership has been established whereby both enterprises support each other in their aspirations and goals.

Greepers has always worked with local organisations and outsources various services to local providers. Team Passion Fit is a group of Triathletes of different ages and abilities  led by dynamic duo, husband and wife team, Tom and Loren Ward. Tom is head coach and Loren is team manager.  The whole team love to share their journey, passion and success with others.

Peter has been delighted to get to know Tom and the team and is particularly impressed with their attitude to training, racing and sharing their passion for the sport of triathlon. The team are very inclusive of all abilities. Everyone is coached and encouraged to be and achieve the best they can, not just as a triathlete but as a person too! With both Greepers and Passion Fit based in Cheltenham this local partnership is set to go from strength to strength.

Commenting on the new partnership Tom says:

“We only work with brands that share our values and can provide a product that delivers a genuine benefit that we can promote with sincerity. Pete and Greeper Laces tick all the boxes. 

Pete is a local entrepreneur and all round top guy that many of us could learn a thing or two from. Being able to support a local business and help them grow their brand matters to us, especially when the product is on point. 

In addition Pete has created a product who’s value transcends sport. Greepers actually create opportunities for those with both physical and learning challenges live a more normal life. 

We would argue that per £ spent Greepers may make the biggest difference to your running (and in some cases cycling) experience than any other product you could buy. We will never use elastic laces ever again for training or middle and long distance racing. Greepers are more adjustable, more comfortable, offer more support and look the business. None of that comes at a price. They are crazy cheap and worth a buy at twice the price. This is the one product every triathlete needs.”

Find out more about Team Passion fit here